VBL Limited sarl, founded by Vany  and Rosalie Boto-Labarre, is a dynamic company that strives to deliver exceptional solutions to meet diverse business needs. With expertise in HR and taxation services, renewable energy products, and personal protection equipment, we provide comprehensive and reliable solutions to our clients.

Vany, the co-owner and chairman, oversees the technical and operational aspects of the company, while Rosalie, the co-owner and chairwoman, manages financial, administrative, and human resource departments. Their combined knowledge and leadership ensure the smooth functioning and growth of VBL Limited.

Since its establishment, VBL Limited has emerged as a trusted provider of innovative solutions. We offer an all-in-one HR solution called Suluhisho RH, which simplifies HR operations and optimizes tax-related processes. Our renewable energy products, branded as Ipoka™, harness solar power to provide reliable and eco-friendly energy solutions. In addition, our personal protection equipment ensures safety in various industries.

At VBL Limited, we are guided by principles of integrity, respect, loyalty, and authenticity. We value our clients and partners, striving to provide the best experience through professionalism and dedication. Our mission is to make a positive impact on society by offering employment opportunities, fighting discrimination, and addressing social, economic, health, and energy poverty.

With a commitment to excellence, VBL Limited aims to be a major player in the economic growth of the Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond. We are driven by our passion, determination, and hard work to achieve our goals and become a leading company in our field.

Choose VBL Limited for innovative solutions, exceptional service, and a commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations and contributing to the success and growth of businesses worldwide.